Ali Bongo: East Anglia’s Only HEAD Shop

What do you get the friend who has everything?

An age old question and Ali Bongo finally has an answer: A replica shrunken head!


First the head of the corpse is removed. Then, after some incisions, the skull is removed through its neck. The facial skin and scalp is then dipped into boiling water 3 times then boiled. After the heating process the head is left to dry in the sun. Then the ears are removed and the eyes and mouth sewn shut. The head is then put through another drying process using hot pebbles and sand to melt human fat inside the head which shrinks the size of the head and discolours it. This shrinks the head to the size of an apple. Nice.

Luckily, for all involved, the ghastly geezers we sell at Ali Bongo are just carved replicas although they do come with the option of having a length of REAL (sheep) spine!! Grim!

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