Royalty Welcomes Cannabis Farmer Into Family

Royalty Welcomes Cannabis Farmer Into Family

Whilst the nation gets ready for the Royal Wedding this Saturday was anybody any more the wiser of the fact that Meghan Markle’s (bride to be) nephew, Tyler Dooley, is a cannabis farmer?

Seas of green for days!

Seas of green for days! Tyler Dooley

That’s right, the Royal Family are welcoming Cannabis into the family, but don’t worry your highness; Cannabis is a recreational drug in the state of Oregon and as long as one has the right legal licenses to grow and cultivate cannabis it is completely legal to do so.


Bags and bags of goodness

It has also been said that Tyler is planning to create a new strain called Markle’s Sparkle (All of us at Bongo HQ are speculating on which genetics would be used, naturally! Wedding Cake x ?).

Welcome to Oregon

Welcome to Oregon

Oregon is arguably the most Marijuana friendly state in the US. Decriminalisation was passed way back in 1973, legalisation passed in 1998 and all out recreational legalisation begun on July 1st, 2015. Since then, thousands  and thousands of growers have applied for licenses.  Much different to the legal climate of Cannabis in the UK, where is still illegal to possess and cultivate Cannabis.

Does this help push legalisation for the world’s most wonderful plant in the UK? Only time will tell although surely the Royal Family welcoming a Cannabis Farmer into the family will  lead to more exposure of the benefits of using Marijuana, or, will it be ridiculed and swept under the rug as per the usual? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Only more great things are to come!!!! Things are slowly but surely changing for the better!!!

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