New Seed Site and Brand New Additions!

Our Brand New Seed Dedicated Website

You may have noticed when you visit there’s an absence of those beloved beans; they’ve all moved to | There’s a couple of reasons behind this…

Payment Options

We’ve been working on gaining as many payment options as possible over the last year for all of our awesome customers convenience. In the very, very near future you’ll be able to pay by card and Mastercard for your seeds, this is something we’ve been working really hard on for quite some time now.


Now that there’s this brand new, shiny seed website we’ve been able to add functions to make it easier to navigate and find the seeds that you want. You can now find information about all the breeders on the ‘Seed Bank’ menu, so if you’d like to know what your favourite breeder is all about, what their principles are, future developments, their strains, history, etc then come and check it out. You’ll also find it easier to make use of our promos with these breeders thanks to these information pages; it’s all about the convenience! Click on the image below to take a look.

Grab your beans here

Grab your beans here

Brand New Seed Banks and Breeders

The last few weeks have seen some new additions to our already broad collection of Seed Banks and Breeders. It’s always fascinating to see the genetics behind new, original strains!

Breaking Buds


Breaking Buds are a brand new seed-bank from Saelices, a small town tucked away just outside Madrid, Spain. Breaking Bad fans will love these guys; some of their strains are named after the TV series such as Cheeisenberg, an exodus cheese descendant that was born out of an auto pollination from the infamous clone in the UK which Breaking Buds still say retains the strong, recognisable scent of nachos or corn curls!

Cheeisenberg Feminised

Cheeisenberg Feminised

Cream Crystal Meth is another new and original strain pioneered by Breaking Buds. This Indica dominant, tangerine tasting Critcal Mass x Afghani Skunk cross just looks so majestic. Breaking Buds took ages to develop the first lineage of seeds of Cream Crystal Meth for connoisseurs, preservationists and collectors to enjoy!

Cream Crystal Meth Feminised

Cream Crystal Meth Feminised

There’s plenty more information and tasty genetics from Breaking Buds such as Brownie Auto, Chocolate Cookies, Blue Sky and Strawberry Cream to name just a few on our new dedicated seed website aswell as an exclusive promotion we are running with Breaking Buds! Click here for a list of their strains and more info.

Exclusive to Ali Bongo!

Exclusive to Ali Bongo!

Digital Genetics


Digital Genetics is a brand new addition to our new dedicated seed site. Residing in Canada, Digital Genetics aim is to create new varieties of Medical Marijuana seeds with extreme exotic terpene profiles with unique appearances.

These guys sure do like their White Strains and have been playing around with the genetics of strains such as White Fire OG #2 and #3, White Widow and Snowlotus to create some mad new strains such as Snowfire ISIS Kush, The Wifi Connection and Digital Dream to name just a few. Digital Genetics have spent a lot of time stabilising these strains for their vigour and yield and are very quickly attaining a great reputation for high quality seeds, all of which are made in Canada and are hand picked so that only the best are selected to sell. Click here for a list of their juicy strains and more info


Digital Dream – Mouth-watering


Wifi Connection – Uniform

All of the team hope you enjoy our brand new dedicated seed website; if you’ve got any suggestions please don’t hesitate to send us an email on

Wishing all of our awesome customers, followers and friends a great day!

Peace and Love,

The #BongoCrew







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