Here’s a Tip, a Glass Tip. Ali Bongo Expands its Collection

We’ve had glass roach in for a while and even though they’re popular we’ve sourced more and now we have a chance to be 50% more accommodating for our fam. Originally Roor hooked us up with some high, high quality glass roach, either in a 3 pack, or a single, whatever. Cypress Hill even jumped in with some phuncky colours and glows. We realised then that some of our customers wanted that product but in a cheaper format, presumably those guys who forget its glass and flick their tips into a drain. So OG tips hooked us up with some cheaper, still high quality tip which went down a treat, and are still always flying off the shelves.


However we decided to increase our arsenal, just because more choice for you guys is better for us. Glass tips are a refreshing change to card/hemp tips, it’s almost like toking from a bong, and the glass makes for a cooler smoke, a stronger roach and all round satisfaction. They tend to be a bit longer than your regular roach so they stick out of the joint for a bit of extra cooling.

The awesome guys at Black Leaf just released a 3 pack of tips that flair at one end, and come in three different sizes, thin, medium and fat. They won’t burn your wallet too.


Another strong contender are our slim line tips, British made, nice and thin, and only £3 each, a strong favourite for some of the Bongo Crew.


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