Fast Bud’s Cream Cookies & Gold Rush

Fast Bud’s Cream Cookies & Gold Rush

The Fast Buds team have been at it again, creating such a beauty like Cream Cookies is no walk in the park, it requires time, patience, hard work and years and years of knowledge.


Cream Cookies combines the mellow uplift of Fast Buds’ mega-hit Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower strain with a smooth and creamy uplift. It’s a unique indica dominant hybrid with enough pep to smoke any time of the day. The plant itself is just as versatile. Fast Buds have seen massive harvests with all kinds of growing mediums and light setups. A little bit of attention, good nutes, and lights is all it takes to reap the rewards of this one of a kind cannabis strain.

Taste and Aroma

Cream Cookies is characterized by its creamy, full-bodied flavor with earthy, woody, and pungent notes that can dominate the back-end of the smoke. It’s not dissimilar from a biscotti cookie dipped into a full-bodied coffee with fresh cream. As if that wasn’t mouth-watering enough, hints of citrus and herbs come through from time to time, making each toke a slightly different experience.


The High Effect

Cream Cookies is one of Fast Buds’ most versatile strains, it’s able to relax the smoker without putting him or her to sleep. It grants a cerebral yet giddy lift before smoothly sliding into a relaxing indica body buzz with a delightful stimulation of the appetite. A toke or two will keep you going throughout the day, but be careful not to overdo it (until nighttime at least), the more you smoke, the more indica-like effects dominate the experience.

It’s the perfect high to share with others, the kind of weed meant to smoked with friends and a few drinks, or with someone close on a beautiful beach or mountain top.


How it Grows

In climates where it’s legal to cultivate cannabis, Cream Cookies reaches full maturity in eight to eleven weeks. Plants grow big and bushy with massive green buds coated in frosty white crystals. Flushing will bring out beautiful red, yellow, and purple colours unlike any other plant you’ve ever seen. CC is one hungry beast on the nutes and water. Combine healthy nutrition with some LST, and some defoliation, and you’ll see positively massive yields of this amazing anytime strain.

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