420 Dank Holiday Volcano Giveaway

420 Dank Holiday Volcano Giveaway

As mentioned in our previous blog with our incredible Dank Holiday seed promotion with T.H. Seeds, 420 is almost upon us, and we’re not done with giving our customers the very best offers and deals in the industry.

As the UK’s premier headshop we’ve got to step up the game, afterall, 420 should be the Black Friday of Cannabis Culture (minus the fighting each other to an inch of our lives for the last deal on a toaster or a 184″ TV, because you know, savings and stuff).

From the 19th to the 22nd of April any customer spending £40 or over with us in-store and online will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a Classic Volcano Vapouriser with a retail value of over £300.

Y’all want this?

Not only that, all customers* purchasing products on alibongo.co.uk will have the option for free shipping, no matter how big or little we will ship it for free!

*This offer excludes customers purchasing over £40 worth of seeds, we have a seperate, equally as epic promotion for our customers purchasing seeds which can be found here.

How Does the Promotion Work?

Customers eligible for the Volcano Giveaway Promotion will be allocated a number automatically online and physically in-store. The lucky winner will be contacted either by phone call or email on Wednesday the 24th of April. We’ll also announce the winning numbers on our social media platforms (no names will be mentioned) on the same day, links to our social media accounts can be found at the bottom of this blog.

What is a Volcano Vapouriser?

A Volcano Desktop Vaporiser is rated worldwide as the very best way to vaporise dry herbs, it’s literally the benchmark standard for vapouriser units worldwide but it simply cannot be beaten due to the incredible taste it guarantees, the huge range of temperatures to choose from,  the solid durable build and it’s simplicity of use. It’s the Bugatti of the world of Cannabis, it’s completely unrivalled.

If you’ve not tried one you really are missing out. They’re found in many coffee shops in Amsterdam, and if your friend has one you’d know about it because they won’t stop bragging (completely justified). Now’s your chance to get one for free!

Big BoiMaybe next year we should hold a competition for biggest bag?

If you’ve got any questions about shopping with us, promotions and giveaways we’d love to hear from you either by email – admin@alibongo.co.uk or by phone – (+44)1603 760055

We wish all of our customers a truly red-eyed 420!

Much love from the Bongo Crew

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