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Santa Cruz Shredders – What Makes These Grinders So Good?

Santa Cruz Shredders – What Makes These Grinders So Good? Santa Cruz Shredders are engineered to perfection. After carefully analyzing the inner working of how a proper tooth design should work, the guys at Santa Cruz Shredder used a special computer program to invent the most ‘perfect’ shredding tooth design ever conceived by man! Santa […]

May Dank Holiday

May Dank Holiday and it’s mad promotions May is upon us and we intend to kick it off with the dankest start possible. We’ve been hard at work at #BongoHQ deciding what all of you seed enthusiasts, preservationists and connoisseurs want… introducing the legendary Bongo May Dank Holiday Promo! We’re working in association with The […]

Black friday at Ali Bongo (We’ve just received the riot shields)

Every year Black Friday has more of an impact in Britain as people love stuff, and any reason to get cheaper stuff makes people go a bit crazy. So we thought we’d jump on this to give you some savings so you can get loads of stuff! Running from the 25th to the 28th of […]

Dank Holiday Spectacular!! Double Or Nuthin at Ali Bongo.

As you all know our Dank Holiday Weekend is infamous for supplying you with more seeds then you’ll know what to do with, and this month is no exception. As it’s our last Dank Holiday this year we’re giving you more than you bargained for! Usually we’ll have 5 extra free seeds on offer for […]

Check out our uber swanky new ad and subcribe to our YouTube channel!!

Here at Ali Bongo, we like to appreciate the finer things in life. We use the finest Champagne in our bongs instead of water, only roll up with 24k Gold Shine papers (yes thats a thing and you can buy them from us) and consume vast quantities of caviar when we have the munchies……….NAH not […]


So all you thrifty tokers should be smuggly rubbing thumb and forefinger together in the revelation that we now have a SALE section on our website! WOOP WOOP!! Prices slashed, numbers crunched and no sign of  any annoying money saving gurus anywhere! Its all pretty straight forward – 1) Go to 2) Scroll down to the […]

Cannabis Cookies!

We have sold these yummy Cannabis cookies in our physical store for sometime now and always get asked the same question – “will these get me high?” Unfortunately………no they will not. These are merely a tasty treat to keep the munchies at bay but do, however, contain a very small amount of real hemp material, no….again, not enough […]