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ITS NEARLY HERE! Product Earth is fast approaching and we are gearing up for the most impressive Ali Bongo stand we have ever hosted! The 25th-26th of June will see Peterbourogh Arena packed with like-minded, herb loving humans, awesome ganja-themed stalls and stands along with an absolutley banging musical lineup. With Grandmaster Flash, Channel One […]

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Here at Ali Bongo, we like to appreciate the finer things in life. We use the finest Champagne in our bongs instead of water, only roll up with 24k Gold Shine papers (yes thats a thing and you can buy them from us) and consume vast quantities of caviar when we have the munchies……….NAH not […]


So all you thrifty tokers should be smuggly rubbing thumb and forefinger together in the revelation that we now have a SALE section on our website! WOOP WOOP!! Prices slashed, numbers crunched and no sign of  any annoying money saving gurus anywhere! Its all pretty straight forward – 1) Go to 2) Scroll down to the […]

Blow torches – a buyers guide!

We have just had a delivery of some super bad-ass Newport Blowtorches, just in time to roast some chestnuts….or anything else your pyromaniac heart desires. So, here are all our torches starting with the least expensive all the way through to the most opulent of hand-held flamethrowers. Torjet Disposable lighter – £1 – a mini, throw-away jet […]

Dabbling with the e-nail!!!

Care for a dab sir…why yes thankyou dont mind if I………..woooahhhly shi……..   Dabs, slabs, waxes and concentrates seem to be the in thing right now and we stock a huge range of nails, rigs, tools and torches here at Ali Bongo. The nail is a vital piece of kit that every avid dab fanatic […]

The Devil’s Dab Rig!

The Devil’s Dab Rig! Superb Oil Bongs Forged by Satan Himself*! *Satan may or may not have created the Devil’s Dab Rig. Before we get into the ‘ornately crafted demon horns’ and the straight-from-hell, knock-you-on-your-ass shower-head percolator, let’s just strip this beast down to its basic function: it’s “a rig”, a bong for smoking oil. […]