Dual Bowl Oil Bubbler – A Bong for Herb, Soilds and Oil.

Times change. That’s why it’s laughable to look back at the loaf-of-bread-sized ‘mobile’ phones from the 1980s when today we have something quite different.

The new offering from Black Leaf is a thoroughly modern bong which is at once paving the way forward and sneering at that which it is leaving behind.

The main reason for this is its versatility. It has separate bowls for herbs and oils – today both are popular but only this product caters for each.

Besides that, it has everything up-to-date stoners want in a bong – a percolator (and it’s a unique doughnut-shaped one, which is cool!), a wide base, plenty of room for water AND the neck offers a space for crushed ice.

The Dual Bowl Oil Bubbler is proving very popular in-store and online – and it’s easy to see why: it’s a unique, high-quality bubbler-bong for oil AND herbs made by Black Leaf that has a price tag of under

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