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Flow Fluro Green Beaker Bong 29.2mm

This Flow Fluro green Beaker Bong 29.2mm is a chunk of a bong, designed with huge hits in mind!

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Flow Fluro Green Beaker Bong 29.2mm

When Flow designed this bong they had one thing in mind.. BIG hits. Seriously though, this thing is a serious chunk of glass, but it's beautiful. First the smoke travels through your lift bowl, through the huge 29.2mm 3-Slit diffusor drop pipe (really, this thing is big, it's like a baton), through your water in the beaker, then through 10 3-arm triple slit diffusor perculators, then through the ice, seriously cooling your smoke and finally straight into your lungs... and relax :).


The design is a lime green and it's beautiful, the Flow logo is proudly emblazoned on the top of the cylinder. This bong is a chunk and should be treated with care (not that you'll even be able to break this in a hurry!).

Spare drop pipe available here

  • Height: 355mm
  • Base Diameter: 105mm
  • Mouthhole Diameter: ~40mm
  • Glass Thickness: ~5mm
  • Gauge: 29.2mm
  • Gauze: 15mm Steel Gauze
Gauge (mm): 29.2mm
Size : Medium
Height: 201 to 400mm
Material: Glass
Brand: Neways Bongs
Style: Ice Bongs
Colours: Green
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