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Arizer V Tower £139.99

Arizer V Tower

I think the first and most important thing to say is that the V-Tower is very similar to the Extreme Q vaporiser, but it is also very different.

It is slightly more simple than the Extreme Q as it only has one way to inhale the vapours, this is by using its long whip, this long whip is better as its 3 feet give the air longer to cool down, and therefore have no noticeable effects other than the effects of the vapour. Its £60 CHEAPER, which means you pretty much get the same unit but for a large difference in your wallet (can't complain about that now can we), and according to Arizer, it actually works better than the Extreme Q, now I can only guess that this is because its simpler and therefore uses less parts.

But the question is, will you go for it??!!

The V-Tower also has a precise digital temperature control, which is simply top notch, it means that for the less knowledgable on this product you can simply put it at the temperature you want and away you go, or if you consider yourself an "expert" then you can vary the temperature depending on how much vaporisation you want, how hot you want it and how faster hit you want to make of it.

It also has an interchangable mouthpiece which means that whether there's someone that you don't want to share saliva with (Ewww) or you don't mind at all, then you get the choice, Use it, wash it, use it and wash it again if you want, its the brilliance of the interchangable parts.

Its has 7 components:

  • The main tower (Heating Unit)
  • Potpourri/Aroma Dish
  • Cyclone Bowl
  • One pkg replacement stainless steel filter screen
  • Glass Stirring Pin/Tool
  • Whip/Hose with glass end and adaptor
  • Detachable  world wide power adaptor (110-220 V)

For information on how to put together the V-Tower check the Owners Manual.

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