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420 Dank Holiday Volcano Giveaway

420 Dank Holiday Volcano Giveaway As mentioned in our previous blog with our incredible Dank Holiday seed promotion with T.H. Seeds, 420 is almost upon us, and we’re not done with giving our customers the very best offers and deals in the industry. As the UK’s premier headshop we’ve got to step up the game, […]

Holy Shit, Batman! Ali Bongo’s Got A Sale On!!

Righty then folks! This is the year of our untimely demise, apparently. So make sure you stock up on everything you need to make human-kind’s last year on Earth a celebration! Ali Bongo is running a SALE to make that all the easier for you… Whether you need: Volcano Vaporizers Glass Bongs Novelty Tea Drinking […]

Volcano Vaporizers Drops In Price! Easy Valve And Solid Valve! Start Vaporizing TODAY.

The word ‘Volcano’ has long been a by-word for high quality in the industry, and for good reason: these conical metal contraptions are, beyond doubt, the best at what they do. They started the whole vaporizing thing and they’re still running the show. Despite the increase in VAT, this luxury product has come DOWN in […]