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Keep it secret. Keep it safe. New Super Stash at Bongo!

Our homes are full of adventurous snoopers; they go through everything until they find something they like. Kids, Housemates, babysitters, parents, pets—whatever—snoopers are everywhere. If you’re imagining the lovechild of a C-Vault, a Tightvac and a bike pump, then you’re spot on. Although this has a heap more tech built in, a combination lock to […]

Nifty new SPACE VAC Stash pot from TightVac!

The “Space Vac” is the newest vacuum sealed system to arrive on planet Earth! Perfectly formed to sit flat in your pocket, these little beauties will keep all herbal material fresh and stinky without leaks. A rubber o-ring is supplied to tackle the strongest of smells. The unique vacuum sealed system keeps your favorite products […]