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Here at Ali Bongo, we like to appreciate the finer things in life. We use the finest Champagne in our bongs instead of water, only roll up with 24k Gold Shine papers (yes thats a thing and you can buy them from us) and consume vast quantities of caviar when we have the munchies……….NAH not […]


Cream of the Crop Seeds have done it again with two new photoperiod strains adding to their collection of self proclaimed “smelly mongrels”. This time around they have released a COTC version of the world famous Chocolope aptly named Cropolope– and a CBD rich variety which goes by the name Crop Doctor Their Cropolope proclaims to be […]

Cannabis Cookies!

We have sold these yummy Cannabis cookies in our physical store for sometime now and always get asked the same question – “will these get me high?” Unfortunately………no they will not. These are merely a tasty treat to keep the munchies at bay but do, however, contain a very small amount of real hemp material, no….again, not enough […]

Blow torches – a buyers guide!

We have just had a delivery of some super bad-ass Newport Blowtorches, just in time to roast some chestnuts….or anything else your pyromaniac heart desires. So, here are all our torches starting with the least expensive all the way through to the most opulent of hand-held flamethrowers. Torjet Disposable lighter – £1 – a mini, throw-away jet […]


Its coming up to another DANK HOLIDAY here at Ali Bongo!! Another chance to scoop high grade, top quality and seriously Dank genetics for free when purchasing ANY seeds! This second May Dank Holiday has got some offerings from DELICIOUS SEEDS, DINAFEM and BODHI SEEDS…all heavyweights in the game and all have their roots firmly […]


So…Valentines day has just passed us once again! Whether you wined and dined your loved one, both chose not to this year or spent it out on the pull hoping for a bit of V day luck, Ali Bongo was feeling the love! We believe that great customer service and fantastic products set us apart […]

WATERPUFF – Portable waterpipe genius

Stuck at high altitude on the side of a beautiful but perilous mountain..panoramic views that roll on for miles and the sun bouncing off idyllic lagoons that lay between giant sweeping valleys…perfect time for a blaze and to soak up some nature….hold on…my papers must have got wet in that enormous waterfall we just traversed […]