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Dutch Passion’s SUPER AUTOs – The Trilogy is Complete!

This week we received stock of a long anticipated and highly productive strain from the godfathers of genetics: Dutch Passion Seeds… Ladies and Gents…. Auto Ultimate! This new monster strain comes from the classic Ultimate from DP being crossed with Auto Mazar. The result is a vigorous, high yielding auto strain with compact buds coated […]

New Cannabis Strain! Buddha Tahoe hits the shelves. And it’s quite a hit!

In recent years, so many new strains have become available. They’re being produced by countless new breeders and sold on an ever-growing spectrum of new websites – so in an era of rapid production, multiple crosses, un-known brands and shadowy genetics, it’s good to have something of genuine substance. Buddha’s Tahoe is just that something. […]

The Doctor Is In! Long awaited strain from Green House Seed Co finally arrives after five years…

THE DOCTOR FINALLY GETS RELEASED BY GREEN HOUSE SEEDS! Waaaaaaaaaay back in 2007 (FIVE YEARS AGO!!) Green House Seeds announced that they had a new seed set to be released… The Doctor was being prepared for sale and would, we were told, be with us shortly. Bullshit. The seed spent so long on the ‘pending’ […]