Dank Holiday Spectacular!! Double Or Nuthin at Ali Bongo.

As you all know our Dank Holiday Weekend is infamous for supplying you with more seeds then you’ll know what to do with, and this month is no exception. As it’s our last Dank Holiday this year we’re giving you more than you bargained for!

Usually we’ll have 5 extra free seeds on offer for you wonderful people, and this time’s no exception, including a currently unreleased strain…

So from the 26th to the 29th of August Come into AliBongo, Call us up or order online for a shitload of freebies! It’s the last time you’ll get this offer this year so stock up!


Thanks to Dr Krippling and Cream of the Crop this time round for some bangers of strains to give you for FREE!


Dr Krippling Have been around for a while, and their strains are top notch already, Straight outta London but with a whole world of genetics at their disposal, we’re giving away two of their strains, one not even released yet! Red Leicester Cheese is Dr Krippling’s unreleased Fem, which we all gave out to our FAM lucky enough to see us at Product Earth. She’s a G13 Skunk crossed with a potential Lawsuit (the clue is in the name) so a heavy hitter that’ll be sure to sit you the fuck down. Delhi Friend is a full feminised hashy number from their friends in New Delhi, a true Indian crossed with the best British Indian- Will be sure to leave your mouth watering.


Cream of the Crop are favourites of some members of the bongo team. Top quality genetics with some stand out strains. The auto’s we have on offer in this Dank Holiday are covered by COTC. The first one being Cropical Fruit Auto, a crazy 5 way stable cross of Jack Herer, Skunk and Rudi to name a few. This beauty is like the Um Bongo of cannabis, with a super sativa Tropical tangy taste. Narcotic Kush by COTC is a strain that has pure Afghan roots, crossed with a Rudi this heavy indica is stable, fast and easy. Huge THC count (22%) for such a short plant and even the CBD in this girl will surprise you.

So now you’ve met the girls you should be counting the days until the Dank Holiday!

Oh and don’t let us forget, for every £25 you spend on seeds, you’ll get 2, yes 2! Free seeds on top of the above offer! So if you spend £35, you’ll get 7 freebies, and if you spend £125 on seeds, you’ll get 15 seeds for FREE!

Don’t say we don’t look after you 😛 See you at the end of the month!


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