Fourth and Final MEGA MONDAY! Get additional savings with this blog!

Another January is almost passed and we’re all another year older and wiser (well, older, at least). To celebrate this rain-soaked introduction to 2014 Ali Bongo have been giving all you loyal blog-readers 10% off EVERYTHING in store every Monday in January.

Well, the same goes for this Monday – except this time there’s a twist!

The 10% discount is being advertised as usual all across facebook and twitter – but herein lies an additional treat for those of you who read the blog…

Advertised here only is the secret 15% discount code for Monday 27th!

Simply put the code


into our website’s discount code boxat the checkout and you’ll receive – not 10% – but FIFTEEN per cent off your whole order!

The 10% code is still being used by those who haven’t read this – so you lucky blighters get a bonus.


All this is just to say thank you for tuning in and taking the time to visit Ali Bongo’s blog!

Stay tuned for future sales, offers and discounts – not to mention weekly updates on new stock and news!

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  1. d.e. says:

    Nooo!! Haha. If only I read the blog sooner. I think its awesone that you do stuff like this. Keep up the good work Ali Bongo team!!

  2. pilatepontiues says:

    Wish I would’ve known about this deal,too…. I just ordered Black Destroyer, Blueberry Headband and Chronic Thunder….

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