The VOLCANO VAPORISER is very well known in the industry as being the dogs danglys. None can match its robust vaping capabilities and ask anyone that’s used one and they will tell you the same…its the best there is. Expensive Yes but this Ferrari of the vapour world has good reason to be and those that know understand that it is worth the investment, whether its the digital or original Volcano, it is an exceptional piece of head technology….

Well they have only gone and made 2 portable units!! Designed to deliver the same highgrade level of functionality and performance but on the move!!


Is a little bigger than The CRAFTY but measuring 14cm x 8cm x 3cm it is still definitely portable and features a dual-lithium Ion battery meaning it will last twice as long as its smaller brother.

It features fully adjustable temp settings with digital display so that you can be sure your vaporising at the perfect temperature to suit you and you can even use the unit when plugged in and charging so it will never leave you waiting around. Comes with everything you will need – including the famous, orange Volcano grinder!



Is the smallest vaporiser in the Volcano range measuring a teeny 11cm x 5.5cm x 3cm! It has a single lithium-Ion battery and one touch control meaning at the touch of a button it will heat to the default temp and double click to boost the temperature further. As with its big bro The MIGHTY it features a subtle but futuristic led indicator and also comes with the famous Volcano grinder as standard!

Oh…and you can also download an app on your phone to automatically turn them on before you get home- we are in the future after all!!!


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