JAXX USA straight to the UK with Ali Bongo.

Jaxx USA are an all American glass company that make excellent bongs, with good quality glass and loads of neat little highlights.

They’re mostly in-line style bongs, which are becoming ever popular overseas and there are a few reasons why, A– you don’t have to mess about with drop pipes- no more ordering ones that are too long by mistake! B– it’s easy to convert from an oil rig to herb bowl and vice versa. and C– They mostly have a percolator inside the base of the piece. All these things are designed to make smoking through water tasty and efficient.


There’s more thought gone into these bongs then you’d think, The Iceman Recycler has a shape that vortexes and swirls the water up and out to keep it cooler and minimise loss of vapour from condensation. The Wolf has a staggering 9 percolators and yet still plenty of room for your smoke cloud.


But it’s not just the inside that’s aesthetically engineered, All their bongs have jet black accents and highlights that complement each piece, The Funzi even has “ORB” feet that just lift the bong out of the mediocre range.

All these bong’s are made with supreme quality in the USA and be rest assured they are unlikely to crack from heat (with the oilies) and can handle a small knock or two.


You can find these bongs in store or online at AliBongo! Come check ’em out, they’re sick.

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