New Bio Hazard Bongs at Bongo!

We always have new bongs coming in every couple of weeks or so, but it’s rare to get some like these! Straight from Chernobyl (Or Cali, we forget), some more mad stylee water pipes guaranteed to sit you the fuck down. Three Oil rigs and one flower bong, for you guys to drool over, and not because you’ve been living in a radioactive death-trap in Ukraine!

The warp drive is one Hench piece of glass, built to be shot into space (and take you with it), featuring two percolators and a psychedelic bowl. This one’s for the Gamma smokers.



As the legend goes there was once a mere mortal man, who lived his life to the maximum (seriously he went to 11 and stayed there) on one of his many quests he met a three eyed bulbous beast who lived in the middle of the cold forest. This beast was a keen glass blower and he knew the secrets of the golden honey, our hero saw the potential and stayed with the beast for forty days until he’d learnt and perfected the technique. Some say, after acquiring the secret he killed the beast, others say he and the beast became one.



Whatever happend this piece is the closest example we have, the Rhys-high-Cla! Get high on recycling! 


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