Disposable E-Cigarettes from StarBuzz

It seems that everybody needs something in their pocket these days that begins with a single vowel. All these young people reading e-mails on their i-Phones whilst laughing at You Tube.

Well, in keeping with the theme of the day, I bring you the brand new E-Cigs from StarBuzz!

There are plenty of smoking alternatives out there (not smoking being only one of them!) and many product being produced work in a similar way the the StarBuzz cigarette. There is, however, one BIG difference:

These E-Cigs are disposable, meaning that they do not share the high price tag of some of the ‘buy once and own for a lifetime’ units. They are much cheaper. The fact that they are disposable also means that you can TRY them, which is what the electric cigarette industry has needed for a long time.

You can buy one, and only one, to decide if they’re for you or not. No big loss if they’re not, as you’ve not invested much money and you are not now lumbered with an expensive unit you need to sell on.

Plus, each E-Cig gives you 500 puffs!

And by all accounts, one puff is all you will need to make your decision. In the Bongo office we have had a number of staff (regular smokers) love them and continue to restock their own supply. Like our product reviewer:

“They taste soo sweet, have a lovely vapour which you can feel, and

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  1. E-cig is the best option to remove the habit of regular cigs because it doesn’t contain any dangerous toxins. By using it your health will always remain fit and these cigs are quit economical too. So have a look of it!

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