Barney’s Farm Release SIX NEW STRAINS!

Barney’s Farm is one of the highest respected breeders of cannabis in the world today, they have won countless awards including numerous Cannabis Cups, produced some incredible bud and have proved themselves to be one of the biggest selling seed-banks EVER in our store.They’re the tits, basically.

And now here they come again with a whopping SIX new strains!


Three autoflowering strains:

Auto Grape Muerto Auto Feminised

As delicious as it sounds. Available for indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
Click the image for more info.

Auto Sin Tra Bajo Auto Feminised

We all like a bit of sin, don’t we? Well Sin Tra Bajo is Spanish for ‘without work’ which sums up a lot of Spain AND the UK right now.
Click the image for more info.

Auto Tangelo Rapido Auto Feminised

An awesome autoflowering tangerine strain. Barney’s have done incredible things with Tangerine before – this bodes well.
Click the image for more info.

Three non-auto feminised strains:

Grape Ape Feminised

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