Only a Couple of Days left until our DANK HOLIDAY!

As you know every bank holiday at Bongo is a Dank Holiday and this month is exceptional for it! Our last Dank Holiday of the year and we’re giving out more seeds than you can shake a stick at!


Thanks again to Cream of the Crop and Dr Krippling for hooking us up with some tasty strains for you to get your hands on – including an un-released strain that’s guaranteed to sit you down.

Dr Krippling’s Red Leicester Tease (see image below), Dr Krippling’s Delhi Friend. Cream of the Crop’s Cropical Fruit Auto and Cream of the Crop’s Narcotic Kush!


This weekend only! From the 26th – 29th of this month, come visit the shop, call us up on the phone, or order online for your chance to bag a whole heap of free seeds!

Oh and don’t let us forget, for every £25 you spend on seeds, you’ll get 2, yes 2! Free seeds on top of the above offer! So if you spend £35, you’ll get 7 freebies, and if you spend £125 on seeds, you’ll get 15 seeds for FREE!


Don’t say we don’t look after you 😛

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  1. rob says:

    Thanks for all of my orders
    Great quality, fast dilivery and great flyers

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