Dank Holidaze, Round 3 at Ali Bongo!

Ding Ding! Heavyweight have been good to us and we’ve got another awesome promotion coming your way! From this Friday through to Monday you get an extra 5 free seeds if you spend £35 with us on seeds. Add that to our consistent offer of 1 free seed and you’re laughing! With the potential to get 10 free seeds this weekend, what’s the hold up?!


Heavyweight have been friends of ours for time now, their seeds have always been popular and come highly recommended.

This time round you get a choice of 4 of Heavyweight’s Strains to choose from, 2 Fems and 2 Autos; here’s a sneak preview:

Lemon Cake (formerly Lemon Cheesecake) – Heavyweight have crossed Lemon Skunk with a dangerously powerful Cheese, resulting in another sensational strain. The unmistakable citrus tang and Cheese musk blend seamlessly, making Lemon Cake a truly pleasurable smoke.


Short and Sweet Auto – Heavyweight have crossed two notoriously powerful strains, AK-49 and White Widow. The result is a devastatingly strong auto that will put even the most seasoned smoker on their ass! Short & Sweet produces rock hard buds that glisten with white crystals. Short & Sweet borders on a hallucinogenic experience – don’t say you haven’t been warned!Heavyweight_Seeds_-_Short_and_Sweet_Auto

Wishing everyone a rad and relaxed DANK Holiday!

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