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Quite often in life, you get what you pay for… The reason that your smartphone is so expensive is that you don’t want to be talking to your friends via tin-can-and-string. The reason you want a Jaguar XK8 is because you’re tired of your Cinquecento’s engine sounding like it’s a hairdryer. And the reason that […]

LOADS of G-Spot Bongs REDUCED TO CLEAR! Super High-Quality Glass Bongs! Stoner Bargains!

Ali Bongo always has one sale or another going on – whether it’s a special, a reduction, a competition, or simply free stuff. You can find a lot of sale items and reduced goods HERE. But right now, in our ‘Specials’ section of the web-site, are EIGHTEEN super high-quality G-Spot Glass Bongs. Jump straight to […]

Holy Shit, Batman! Ali Bongo’s Got A Sale On!!

Righty then folks! This is the year of our untimely demise, apparently. So make sure you stock up on everything you need to make human-kind’s last year on Earth a celebration! Ali Bongo is running a SALE to make that all the easier for you… Whether you need: Volcano Vaporizers Glass Bongs Novelty Tea Drinking […]

New from IOLite – WISPR Vaporiser. Funky and Fresh vapes.

It’s here! The brand new WISPR Vaporiser from the guys who brought you the IOLite… First: a little about the manufacturers. These guys have been producing vaporisers for a number of years and their products have been BIG sellers in our store and online. In many ways their IOLite Vaporiser set the template for portable, […]