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You may have attended the UKs newest and largest Cannabis friendly expos last year…PRODUCT EARTH…if you didnt… missed out BIG! HEY DONT BE SAD!!  There is another coming soon and we will be there too!!! Stick it in your diary of dank – 25th – 26th June!! Product Earth Expo is a global event aimed […]


So all you thrifty tokers should be smuggly rubbing thumb and forefinger together in the revelation that we now have a SALE section on our website! WOOP WOOP!! Prices slashed, numbers crunched and no sign of  any annoying money saving gurus anywhere! Its all pretty straight forward – 1) Go to 2) Scroll down to the […]

WATERPUFF – Portable waterpipe genius

Stuck at high altitude on the side of a beautiful but perilous mountain..panoramic views that roll on for miles and the sun bouncing off idyllic lagoons that lay between giant sweeping valleys…perfect time for a blaze and to soak up some nature….hold on…my papers must have got wet in that enormous waterfall we just traversed […]

Glass Bud Clot Hammer Pipe

At Ali Bongo we love the classics: a regular straight bong with a rush hole. Simple. Job done. But we also love the new and the unusual. Check out the latest in peculiarity: The Bud Clot Hammer Pipe Well it certainly looks odd. It’s got space for water, meaning that you get a nice bubbley […]

NEW pipes from Basil Bush! Sexy Glassware…..

Three new offerings from those great glassware geezers, Basil Bush. Check out The Floating Jellyfish pipe… The Butterfly pipe… and The Pipe Full of Catapillars…… Basil Bush also produces these, and these, and this and also loads and loads of other bits! Just search “Basil Bush” in the search bar on the right-hand side of […]