For when you categorically need every passer by to be sure you are laughing in the face of authority.

[witness] What’s that your smoking? [You] pointing at the easily recognised leaf that is plastered all over your bong as you can not speak as you are just short of performing phelatio on your new toy. [witness] ah…… cool. You too can be this guy as we sell all manor of bait stuff here at […]

Merry spliffmas!

We’re not ones to be on the Christmas bandwagon, we don’t like getting told on Halloween that you should be buying presents. But alas it’s easier said than done trying to keep out of the way of Christmas spirit, especially when it’s December tomorrow! With only a month left until everyone can actually chill out […]

Black friday at Ali Bongo (We’ve just received the riot shields)

Every year Black Friday has more of an impact in Britain as people love stuff, and any reason to get cheaper stuff makes people go a bit crazy. So we thought we’d jump on this to give you some savings so you can get loads of stuff! Running from the 25th to the 28th of […]

Cyber future Lighters at Ali Bongo!

Soon gas lighters will be a thing of the past! I mean, we’ve already stocked the coil style Elementium lighters, and now we’ve stepped it up another level. These lighters are the best thing since sliced bread – no doubt you’ll be able to slice bread with these soon. Using two electric currents that intersect […]